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Facebookers dramatizing daily status messages !

I am sure most of you use facebook status messages to let your family and/or friends know what you are doing ‘at the moment’ or ‘right now- (depending on whatever language setting your facebook is on currently.) But it seems like there are a few individuals out there who use this space much more “creatively.”

I am talking about how some people using facebook attempt to dramatize every action of their lives by posting bizarre statements about things that they do (or don’t do!) sometimes giving the impression of their want for constant attention! While other users of facebook normally just leave a line informing their relations and friends that they are still alive and studying- or not.

Coming back to the minority of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to entertain the rest of us boring people by constantly posting glamorized versions of what they are doing (or not doing) everyday. It seems to me like these individuals are possibly utilizing facebook to publicize their daily activities. This makes you wonder if their real (offline) life is at all so glamorous. This I do not know, but It can safely be said that such users of facebook are attempting to gain attention by embellishing and over dramatizing their otherwise dull, and might I say meaningless lives? (OUCHH!) 

Seriously, one wonders if such “facebookers” really manage to garner so much excitement in their daily lives that they feel that it must be their moral duty to translate the excitement experienced in their offline time on to social networking websites like facebook?

Or could it simply be the lack of excitement in their everyday lives that begs them to seek attention via facebook status messages!! I must say, apart from feeling sorry for such individuals’ dull and meaningless lives, I would have to comment on the noticeable crassness of the choice of exhibiting their over glamorized ‘life activities’ on facebook. 

December 31, 2008 at 2:38am


Faith and sensitivity

Is it reasonable for individuals to be so blinded by their beliefs that it becomes hard for them to not offend people who may not share their own faith?

Sometimes we humans are so passionate about our beliefs that we are unable to see beyond them. Meaning, we vehemently seek to spend time promoting the beliefs and make it our lifestyle to advertise them. You ask what’s wrong with that? My answer to you is, really nothing- as long as your ‘advertisements’ are respectful. Because, I do feel that there is quite possibly a chance of offending people close to us, who do not necessarily follow our adverts.

This holds very true when the beliefs we seek to advertise are pertaining to religion. Most people have had some sort of religious training in their childhood- a means of parents trying to transmit sacred beliefs to their young ones. It is not merely an effort to pass on what they know and believe to be true. It is also an effort to show our loved ones what they need to know to lead a successful life in the real world. These beliefs when passed on become close to our hearts and are revered powerfully. They may not be advertised, but they certainly become an integral part of who we are. We continue to live our lives driven by what our parents and community teach us about our religious beliefs.

Meeting diverse people later in life via college or moving to a different state or country gives you the opportunity to learn more about other people. You begin to understand who they are and respect what they believe in. Personal development and growth ensue and bonds begin to strengthen- based on mutual understanding. This is the most fortunate example of what one could encounter in terms of divergent beliefs: mutual respectability and genuine interest in each others lives.

Other encounters are more unfortunate. Certain breeds of people endeavor to cultivate unhealthy feelings of differences in beliefs by periodically provoking and attacking others’ beliefs. While it is normal to want to know more about the people around you, it is not acceptable- under any circumstances to attack and degrade their most sacred beliefs.

If one is happy and content with her own beliefs, she should have no reason to levy disrespectful jabs at individuals who are peacefully following their own beliefs. Taunting beliefs that others in the community hold sacred and dear to themselves is an uncalled for activity and is not to be tolerated at any cost. But since there seems to be no applicable peaceful solution to the issue of disrespectful behavior from zealots towards religious minorities- feigning a neutral stance on religious issues seems like the way to go. At least in effort to avoid ‘below the belt’ comments regarding your religious affiliation by so called friends.

March 17, 2009 at 11:19pm

More about the Art of loving Kawaii

Frankfurter Buchmesse

Frankfurter Buchmesse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This blog has had a total of 115 posts. It was started in 2010, and has steadily picked up views. Which is kind of nice and lucky for me because I don’t write about things that others want to read. I write what I want to write. But then I wrote this post about Kawaii. It was just my thoughts about Japanese cuteness– Kawaii.

But I started to get really interested in learning why there were views everyday, all indicating someone had visited my blog to read about Kawaii- my views on Kawaii.

Its been about three months, and everyday people are reading about Kawaii on my blog. Its clear people love Kawaii. Or at the very least are interested in learning more about it. I decided to write more about it, so that people would have more to read.

It is a subculture, distinctly cute, pink and innocent.

To me it is obvious that people are looking for something other than an oversexified version of humanity. Maybe now we all are just looking for innocence.

Interest in Kawaii doesn’t mean people want to go all the way dressing up in styles associated with little girls. But at the very least it means that people like the idea of seeing those styles around. They are interested in cuteness.

Importantly, its not just the clothing. It is the attitude that is innocent. But what exactly does it mean- innocent? Lets start by understanding what exactly Kawaii constitutes of.

Segments of Kawaii-ism:

1. Fashion, dress, makeup (or lack of)

Dressing in dresses that little girls would wear, just in larger sizes. Little girl jewelry pieces, bows, cute cartoons on clothing. In my opinion: Makeup doesn’t have to be worn to be a Kawaii lover. After all the emphasis is on innocence. Why does it need to be achieved being all dolled up, deep circular strokes of blush on the cheeks and all . Kawaii cutenesss comes from knowing the essentials of innocence and Kawaii dressing. A lot of Kawaii culture gatherings will feature girls in bright pink wigs. But again, that is not necessary. Achieving Kawaii cuteness comes from the attitude.

B. And neither does Kawaii fashioon need to be overkill.
Some Kawaii aspirants will grab every piece of Kawaii fashion accessory in their reach and wear them at the same time. Which is so not Kawaii. Kawaii is a lifestyle. It is not like dressing up for Halloween once a year. You arent trying to get people to identify you as a freak. Kawaii cuteness can be practical. That is what it is, functional, practical innocence.

Yes, cartoons are heavily featured in Kawaii images. But that does not mean one needs to turn in to a cartoon to honor the Kawaii fashion. Lets talk now about cartoons and Kawaii.

2. Cartoonized Reality.
Apart from dressing and behaving innocently, Kawaii means cartoons are made out of any everyday item. Food items, animals and people are drawn out to be in the form of cartoons. These are usually seen in Kawaii art and posters.

For men and women both?
Now, is Kawaii for just women? Or can men be Kawaii fans too? Kawaii is usually adopted as a fashion form by women. But men in Japan are interested in the concept as well.

Japanese men will open their hearts, minds and homes to Kawaii more than any other world culture will, because they are themselves drawn to cuteness. Not being stereotypical here, just stating a fact. The reason for this is just that Kawaii is so rampant, well known and accepted in Japan as a fashion, and a lifestyle that the men are champs at embracing the innocence that the Kawaii culture exhibits. Innocence is liked in Japan, by both sexes.

~ Bibi






The Appeal of Minimalism and Zen

EmineC natural soap

EmineC natural soap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen a pattern in a lot of my interests: I gravitate toward the minimal. Minimal design and styles and organic ways and means of expressing my likes.

When it comes to conveying messages, things are always organized in an honest, clean and raw fashion. No frills, no pre-thought out dramatic verbiage. The focus is mostly on how natural the message sounds and if it may substitute as a signature of the individual. It is never, how could I make this message more sensational? 

Organic and natural beauty and bath sections in stores are severely attractive to me because all items on the shelves are different, they have something to offer that is natural, non toxic and clean. All these attributes, coupled with the fact that the packaging is usually so minimalist and unique make me want to know more about them. I want to obtain the product, use it- yes, but I also want to keep the product in its original packaging because removing the original covering is akin  to deflowering the product, stripping it of its original personality.

The beauty of organic bath products exemplify why I appreciate minimalist and zen like beauty that can be found in even the most un-zen like places- like retail stores. To me, the lack of design and excessive coloring and a lot of times the lack of extra fragrance in the product and its packaging represent minimalist beauty. The marketing and packaging of a pristine product in the most non deliberate way possible is what makes it appealing, unique and perfectly rustic.

This appeal extends out towards other areas as additional permanent fixture and products at home, such as simple foot of bed chests in addition to a bed in the bedroom and bare walls- which expresses ones feelings about living with less around, decluttering and appreciating the value of a simple, organic and natural life.

I do wonder while saying all this: why do individuals not express in fewer words?  What is it in using more words, that makes a message or a point more plausible. Why not just say it in a few words. Why does a resume, an essay, a cover letter or a report have to be so long drawn?? Why cant the world just take a brief message to heart and use actual statistics to validate any claims made in a message instead of asking the writer to substantiate any claims made in any of the above with a detailed written analysis, followed by a verbal explanation and also statistics and  diagrams? Are we really that stupid? Or is redundancy and fanciful verbosity  the unfortunate norm and expected business conduct- that we can not say anything in a few words anymore lest we appear unintelligent and lacking acumen and credibility? What about being organic and natural, transparent and soft, available to be seen by all and analysed by those who may seek to understand the natural and unadulterated?

~ Bibi


Glass Wind Chime

Glass Wind Chime

Daisies or Sunflowers

Noticing a pattern in the choice of flowers in my doodles, I started looking in to what made me want to pencil out the same type of flower again and again and again. I always enjoy drawing a central circle- neat, clean, small and ready to burst in to a flame of precisely five, and often times a few more petals around its little round face. Like the sun! Yes, this would perhaps clue me in on why I like drawing sunflowers a lot. But then, when I color the flower petals, I don’t always go for yellow. I sometimes pick other colors- like pink, red, peach, orange or just leave them white- in which case they look surprisingly similar to daisies.

English: Daisies

Image via Wikipedia


It  turns out, the two belong to a large flower family that includes both daisies and sunflowers as its members, as well as any other flowers I doodle, that may not necessarily be sunflowers or daisies- but look like them- are not accidentally similar. They after all are cousins.

I perhaps like the simplicity that comes with the flowers’ construction as well as the pretty, minimalist, clean beauty with no scent of their own- an additional reason I may be attracted to the flowers. The flowers have no means overwhelming me with their powerful odor and thus can not sway my affinity towards them in any way. They are simple for the hand to draw, remind me of innocent, happy things, and prove to me that those that impress upon the imagination are not necessarily the loudest or the most fragrant. They are those with personal, simple, minimalist appeal- all reflecting the nature of that who loves them most.

~ Bibi


Good morning world! Let’s start something new today! ~ Sehr