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The Appeal of Minimalism and Zen

EmineC natural soap

EmineC natural soap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen a pattern in a lot of my interests: I gravitate toward the minimal. Minimal design and styles and organic ways and means of expressing my likes.

When it comes to conveying messages, things are always organized in an honest, clean and raw fashion. No frills, no pre-thought out dramatic verbiage. The focus is mostly on how natural the message sounds and if it may substitute as a signature of the individual. It is never, how could I make this message more sensational? 

Organic and natural beauty and bath sections in stores are severely attractive to me because all items on the shelves are different, they have something to offer that is natural, non toxic and clean. All these attributes, coupled with the fact that the packaging is usually so minimalist and unique make me want to know more about them. I want to obtain the product, use it- yes, but I also want to keep the product in its original packaging because removing the original covering is akin  to deflowering the product, stripping it of its original personality.

The beauty of organic bath products exemplify why I appreciate minimalist and zen like beauty that can be found in even the most un-zen like places- like retail stores. To me, the lack of design and excessive coloring and a lot of times the lack of extra fragrance in the product and its packaging represent minimalist beauty. The marketing and packaging of a pristine product in the most non deliberate way possible is what makes it appealing, unique and perfectly rustic.

This appeal extends out towards other areas as additional permanent fixture and products at home, such as simple foot of bed chests in addition to a bed in the bedroom and bare walls- which expresses ones feelings about living with less around, decluttering and appreciating the value of a simple, organic and natural life.

I do wonder while saying all this: why do individuals not express in fewer words?  What is it in using more words, that makes a message or a point more plausible. Why not just say it in a few words. Why does a resume, an essay, a cover letter or a report have to be so long drawn?? Why cant the world just take a brief message to heart and use actual statistics to validate any claims made in a message instead of asking the writer to substantiate any claims made in any of the above with a detailed written analysis, followed by a verbal explanation and also statistics and  diagrams? Are we really that stupid? Or is redundancy and fanciful verbosity  the unfortunate norm and expected business conduct- that we can not say anything in a few words anymore lest we appear unintelligent and lacking acumen and credibility? What about being organic and natural, transparent and soft, available to be seen by all and analysed by those who may seek to understand the natural and unadulterated?

~ Bibi


Glass Wind Chime

Glass Wind Chime

Daisies or Sunflowers

Noticing a pattern in the choice of flowers in my doodles, I started looking in to what made me want to pencil out the same type of flower again and again and again. I always enjoy drawing a central circle- neat, clean, small and ready to burst in to a flame of precisely five, and often times a few more petals around its little round face. Like the sun! Yes, this would perhaps clue me in on why I like drawing sunflowers a lot. But then, when I color the flower petals, I don’t always go for yellow. I sometimes pick other colors- like pink, red, peach, orange or just leave them white- in which case they look surprisingly similar to daisies.

English: Daisies

Image via Wikipedia


It  turns out, the two belong to a large flower family that includes both daisies and sunflowers as its members, as well as any other flowers I doodle, that may not necessarily be sunflowers or daisies- but look like them- are not accidentally similar. They after all are cousins.

I perhaps like the simplicity that comes with the flowers’ construction as well as the pretty, minimalist, clean beauty with no scent of their own- an additional reason I may be attracted to the flowers. The flowers have no means overwhelming me with their powerful odor and thus can not sway my affinity towards them in any way. They are simple for the hand to draw, remind me of innocent, happy things, and prove to me that those that impress upon the imagination are not necessarily the loudest or the most fragrant. They are those with personal, simple, minimalist appeal- all reflecting the nature of that who loves them most.

~ Bibi


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