Blog Reading Galore

I recently began reading blogs. Now, I’ve been sharing much of myself and little bits and pieces of everyday life on this blog I write, titled ‘living chocolate’ for about a year. Its only just recently that I began reading other peoples blogs. I am actually enjoying it. It is exciting to me because if gives me a good idea of how people think, what they enjoy doing and what they don’t like at all etc Also I get to read about things, events, entertainment from writers who have no jobs to hold down as press writers. They simply state what they feel without fear of a job description that tells them what they must report and how. They do not have to worry about offending anyone. So they win, because they get to tell the world what they think and feel about something, as eloquently as a press writer, should they choose to write with eloquence, without the restraints that news writers have to put up with.

Often I spend hours googling and reading articles on the internet that are related to news sites, then I’ll come across the topic under search in a blog. And there is a marked difference. The blog’s raw: The writing and the presentation is usually not refined or presented in a biased way. It is clean, if you are an experienced reader, the message will be clear, and you will be able to tell apart opinion from fact. I like the way writers will add personal comments and their opinion (characteristic to personal blogs that are not associated with press) that usually will give more information about the topic than a mere news article would. Since news articles are committed to present news in an objective fashion not necessarily advocating the use or application of the topic at hand.

News writers will apply statistics of percentages to build a case, as opposed to blogs that directly come at you with plain, soft English phrases. To me this is important, since I am more intuitive with my information. I will rely on words more than numbers. Numbers are good, but they will serve only to bolster what I shall garner via intuitive reading of an article. Let’s say for instance the topic is a book or a movie. The blog writer will tell you how awesome the book is, or how badly it sucks, and they ideally will tell you why they think so. Good blog writers will present specific examples that constitute the suckiness of the book. And you can cross check this of course. You don’t have to rely on a single blog writer’s opinion. You can check out other blogs, or you can do a combination of a blog article, with a news item on the same topic. I would recommend that no matter where you get your information, checking out two or more different sources of information on the same topic is necessary.

News articles are written by people who have opinions and often their opinions reflect their political and religious affiliations that mirror the kind of news station they write for. Readers usually just take the news piece as the ultimate word on the topic. Blogs present a good alternative source of news, that will be opinionated, yes, but very rarely will it be running on a high powered political agenda.



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