Living in Wonderland..

Wonderland is a place we go to when we try to steer away from what is real.  This  can be fun, but in certain situations, can also be tragic. Let me explain: It is good to visit wonderland, but only when it is to make livable a really undesirable situation you may be stuck in. For example, you are no happy with work on a given day, and you try drift off in to a world of your own where fish are swimming in the air at eye level and polar bears come dancing in to the room high-fiving you signaling you it will all be OK in a couple of hours when you are finally going to be free to go home or whatever awesome place you may be headed to after work.

But, living in wonderland permanently is really scary. Because when you spend day in and day out thinking that you are living a life that you really aren’t, you’re going mad, and will end up hurting yourself in the real world, where your body exists.

Permanent residents of wonderland are usually those, who obviously, have trouble living in the real world, and they are too sensitive to bear what the real world has to offer. So much that they invent things, maybe not at the schizophrenic level, but at a creepy, secret-love-affair-that-doesn’t-really-exist level.

And it’s not living in la la land making up love stories that don’t exist that’s crazy, these folks  truly believe in these stories is what is not good for them. How are you going to function in the real world, when your mind is chasing butterflies with a lover, oblivious of its surroundings in the real world? Are you riding unicorns with a beloved who exists as a lover only in your dreamworld, and is not even aware of his role in your love story? If you are, then you are not living your life truly. You are dreaming, day in and out, spending your life out of touch with reality. Slowly you are losing the ability to recognize what is real, and what isn’t, until one day, you are forced to open your eyes, and see what is real.

When you fly in to wonderland, often you neglect what is really going on, and when ideas are born within your head that are largely unsupported by real events, you start to go crazy. So, I’d suggest not let imagination take over your real life.

Keep your feet firmly grounded on the feet.

Please. Always.



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