January 2nd 2012

Sunny day again, makes the cold feel tolerable. Made breakfast, the usual. Got the splendid idea to compile a diary for the year, so I went back and developed the entire Project 2012 diary category and made an entry for yesterday, Jan 1 . And I was about to start writing for Jan 2, but then I realized it was still the date, so I will come back and write when the is day is actually over.

Now that it is midnight, my entry shall be complete.

I worked on the blog a lot today, making Project 2012. It didn’t take to long, but then I started obsessing over how it looked, the blog, I mean. So I started to tinker about different things to try to make the blog look better etc.

I got everything fixed in my bathroom. Remember I mentioned a white plastic tray that the plumber bought to set in my bath? Well he now bought a whole set consisting of a black towel rod, black tray and tooth-brush holder, also black of course. It looked great, and then I decided to just move in to my room already. I put up the curtains and I had everything set and squeaky clean.

Now I am sitting on my bed in my room typing this. Its cool. I’ve been sleeping hostel-style with my parents in a single room in this 4 story house that we own. Talk about not wanting to move out.

I have noticed that I have been running up and down the stairs to fetch various things I may need, like water, frequently. I think this is good, because in order to get things I will be running around like this and will hopefully be able to balance out my food intake. It’s not a lot, the food that I eat, it’s just that I’ve been really slumming!! And now I have this brilliant opportunity to exercise really without knowing it.

Also, I’ve spread out all of my things that were really compacted in my parent’s room. I was taking up such little room, my things and I can now really spread out. How nice it is to be home, my own bathroom and all.

Oh and in other parts of the house, we got the kitchen really cleaned out. All the crap that was in there was moved out. My living room is also looking much better, the dinning room was worked on too. Why the house almost look’s like a human’s dwelling now!!



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