Lets get this year started!!

Some believe this year will be the last ever for the earth. The ancient Mayans are said to
have predicted December 31st, 2012 to be the end- last day the earth will ever see. Those people were rocks stars at many things and had a pretty sophisticated (futuristic) calendar. Now there is a lot of speculation, of course, and anthropologists have intelligent reasons to refute the so-called prediction. I wont go in to the reasoning, but they say, this is simply a case of lay people getting really over excited about a misunderstood and under researched supposition.

My thoughts are such: We don’t know what will happen at the end of 2012. But if the world really does end, its wont be because it parallels the Mayan prediction, because really there was no such prediction. It will be because we bombed ourselves out of existence. Now, I hope that does not happen. I hope that in addition to the many amazing things we can possibly achieve as humans, one of them is to learn to live in true peace and harmony with each other.

We have a long history of war and mayhem on this planet, one would think the lesson would have been learned by now. Each time a war starts, it’s as if history repeats itself. And the cycle of discord and loss keeps running, like an ugly reincarnation of its previous self, it just goes on and on and keeps getting uglier.

Lets make sure that if nothing else, we work to end this cycle. The year may be special in that way, if not in an ancient Mayan prediction way. Maybe if we anticipated the end of all that is ugly and prevents us from living peaceful lives, we can finally make it happen. Once there is no more fighting and the element of continual discord is gone, we could actually focus on the growth of happiness and education and peace preservation will ensue.

So if I could ask for a few things this year, it would be to see a huge improvement in the peace situation everywhere. We desperately need a break from the horror. The earth needs a breather. How can you heal when you are not given a chance to rest?

Lets hope for a restful year. A year of true love, happiness, awareness and lots of growth and peace.



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