A Day on My Island

Come home soon and listen to me. I’m whispering so you’ll have to get closer. I ask you because you are my best friend.

If you jump from cloud to cloud on a Pogo stick, you’ll make it to me safely.

Then we’ll share a huge brownie sundae and run through the meadows. Chase after the orange little butterflies. and try to hold the cottontail rabbits. They are too fast for you and me, hopping around. So we lie down under a tree.

Soon it gets dark and we slowly fall asleep finding constellations.

We learn so much together about the world around us. It’s so pretty. Even on the ugliest of days, the greyest sky gives way to a better day eventually. A new day with birds and flowers and grass and sunlight.

It’s wonderful to be alive. And its even better with you, my friend.



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