August Warrior

Solitary and apart us all,
You’ll bloom late if ever.
And when you do,
Still you won’t be one of us.

How could you be?
You thrive in ways we do not understand.
Learning things we do not yet recognize,
We see no use of all that you know.

Your abilities may be sharp yet they don’t deliver.
You’re rising to be a warrior in this place that feigns perfect harmony?

It’s been a while now,
But still you are not a blossom we can use.
Because you were planted for a purpose that we can not yet comprehend.

Perhaps tomorrow when you’re seasoned,
You will fight in battles unknown to us now.
We’ll recognize then your purpose; the reason you took so long.
Still not one of us you’ll be,
Since you’ll be ready for your vocation then.
While we call for you, please understand.
Continue on your lonesome path.

Those with unusual destinies aren’t meant to integrate.



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