The Confrontation

I heard what sounded like a child howling loudly. On looking out the open bathroom window, I saw two cats directly facing each other, noses almost touching, backs arched standing on a side wall of the house.

The verbal confrontation was really intense for a good two minutes in the beginning. I really thought the sound I kept hearing was a child in a nearby house bellowing loudly. There was something about the frequency of the ‘crying’ that made me look out the window. Fully expecting to see nothing, I then saw the cats.

Frozen, territorial.

Neither moving an inch. The only visible movement: their tails, like jump ropes, sweeping up and down. I was not sure what the cats were going to do next, get in to a full on fight? The situation was a little scary, but I think the intent of the cats was to intimidate, not hurt each other.

I tried to cool down the brawl naively by distracting the cats. I hissed from within the safety of the house. But it was useless; the cats paid me no attention. They just glared at each other, noses still touching, tails still waving about. I smiled to myself, realizing how I didn’t have much control over the cat fight at all. I thought I was avoiding two injured cats.

Soon it was over. It broke off soon without the fight getting dangerous for either cat.

I didn’t hear them crying out loud anymore after a few minutes.

I’m sure it was a territorial issue. They are after all relations of the lion.

The photo of the two cats was created by Ken.


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