Solid Gold

Consider a sensitive gadget. It operates when pulled in a single direction.

What happens, though, when you try to operate it by pulling it in the exact opposite direction?

Will it crack and not be of use anymore?

You start to exert much more force than you would if it were being pulled correctly. It seems hard to do at first; slowly it begins to yield to the pressure and starts to flip itself the other way. Until it is not hard to do and pulling it in either direction elicits a reaction as it begins to work both ways! In fact now it becomes so easy to flip it its natural way; it hasn’t been this effortless before.

This is what happens when you take a brain and force it to open up, expand and make it work in ways it has never worked before. You show it possibilities that seemed unreal and even unacceptable to the brain initially and the brain slowly begins to adapt so perfectly, it comes full circle and starts to see the big picture. Where at first it saw only one half and struggled to make do with that one half. On being stretched and challenged in ways it has not known before, it begins to expand its capabilities.

Experience broadens the ways in which you perceive reality. Each time something new is experienced, the brain gets a chance to reframe itself. You really never have the same experience twice. Especially if the experience appears to be unpleasant or wildly different from what you would consider normal. You refuse to accept it, you wish it did not have to be this way, but you do not realize how powerful you are becoming. Your brain keeps getting larger the entire time it is being stretched in a difficult situation.  Something is learned everyday from simply living; breathing. When you realize this your world is never the same. How could it be?

Imagine a brain that is stretching constantly and doubling in capacity each day it is allowed to breathe. This could be your brain if you trust in the power of the change that so ravages your heart. It is an opportunity for your brain to turn in to solid gold.



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