Christmas in Pakistan

Christmas in Pakistan is a holiday that is revered and people get to do what they want that day. Stay at home spend time and eat with the family. It’s not bad in comparison to Christmas in the western world. But still many think Christmas is not adequately celebrated in its true spirit by Pakistan.

It is meant to be a holiday of remembrance and thankfulness.

But that is not what the spirit is like celebrating holidays even here in the US. Christmas is synonymous to gift giving, an opportunity for retailers to make up for any rough patches they may have had financially during the year. And for consumers Christmas just means buying and spending- getting broke.

The Pakistani Christmas is perhaps more reverent and respectful in terms of how the actual holiday is prepared for and viewed. It is silently observed each deciding what to spend ones resources on. You choose how to spend your time off and do what you think is appropriate to make this holiday ‘holy.’ There are no rules, no gifts that must absolutely be given no one in particular to please. It is entirely up to you.

I am in favor of a Christmas that goes beyond gift giving. Why not celebrate it the Pakistani way with a few modifications. I think Christmas should be a day that must be utilized thinking about the ideals we all strive to achieve the entire year. It must be a day of inventory of what is needed to be done to make everyday livable for those who may never be on your gift giving list, but can be in your thoughts. Think about everyone who can’t have a happy holiday at all for reasons like war, disease and starvation. Use the day to think about the issues that prevent others from enjoying a good life everyday.

Try giving the world the gift of happy peaceful thoughts. Thoughts are powerful. Give the entire world a free gift of thinking the best of their well-being. Wish for no pain for anyone, no need for fear, no need to steal. Try to think of the whole world as your neighborhood, and really feel for it. Would you have a satisfying Christmas if your neighbors were starving and had nothing to eat? Or if a family member was in the hospital dying?

Think about a Christmas in which everyone really will be able to be happy all over the world.



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