Destination Lahore, Pakistan

Currently in Lahore, Pakistan. Doing really well. Had a long, arduous and overall less than perfect travel experience. However, I am in pretty good spirits now. The food is absolutely divine. I do seem to have jet lag of some sort. Around 5:30-5:45 pm I get ridiculously drowsy and just absolutely have to get sleep, else it gets torturous to be alive every passing second I force myself to be awake

Did not go out until last night. It was a pretty nice trip. Just visited a nice family at their home, but I’m sure the trip to and from the house must have caused my eyes to dry up(?) due to the dust. Or it could be the dust that has caused me a severe allergic reaction. Regardless of what it is, my eyes are burning!! Luckily I do have some eye lubricant/ointment, so I can try to see if it works, because then I’ll know if it’s just dryness. Ran out of my US bought allergy eye drops (bummer)!!!! But I will be a brave traveler and figure out a local remedy for my condition.

Have been taking pictures, so that is keeping me feeling normal. Surprisingly connected to things, and I really don’t feel far removed from my ideal home atmosphere. It perhaps is because I carry my ‘home environment’ within me now. I don’t seem to seek it outside of me that much. Also, on a less philosophical note, I quite literally brought all that I could carry with me and use on a daily basis. My laptop for example, my reading material/kindle, vitamins, camera, doodling material and my rusty old  brain.

I’m thrilled that I have everything I need to carry out my daily activities. I was most afraid of not being able to access internet regularly. But I do have good access thankfully. All is well so far. Will continue providing updates.

My vision is slightly blurry now: the eye ointment.

Should probably rest myself of computer use, and maybe read something?

Sehr Malik


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