Exciting Winter

The weather has started to get chilly. It is not entirely cold though, not yet. But it will get there in a few weeks. I am excited for the great weather and I hope to enjoy it with loved ones. I also do hope everyone has a great winter. Things are changing fast and have been quite busy for me. I will have some updates soon for all who care.

When things start to slow down a little, I’ll begin writing again. I have been doing other things, like draw, in recent days. And I have neglected to take pictures of drawings and other things that interest me and post them here. Like I said, things are moving fast, and there is little time for creativity to make its way here. That sucks, since this space was meant to be a perfectly legitimate outlet of expressing pent up creativity. It was lame for me to dash it and only draw.

Principal fissures and lobes of the cerebrum v...

Image via Wikipedia

Nevertheless, it is also lame to mourn lack of activity here, since creativity and what direction it takes can’t really be forced. Otherwise, I believe it wouldn’t be an honest expression of how I truly feel, if the outlet is controlled in any way.

I may not be quite as regular sharing here for a while, but that will only mean that I am in the process of figuring out a few things. Things that need to be resolved and taken care of. Things that may have an effect on my creativity, and I that am not sure yet, how to channel. But it will all be figured out, and then they will start coming along, posts, one after the other, like bullets, serving the purpose of preserving my sanity, and letting anyone who desires to take a peek at what there is in this walnut like mass I carry around on my shoulders.

Sehr Malik


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