Peace Please

If there is more to this world than can be seen by human eye, then that means that we in effect do not have complete knowledge of what exactly is and isn’t. We, armed with this knowledge are incapable of creating a sense of reality that is really real. Because we do not know all that is really there. There are factors in play that we do not have complete knowledge of. How can we then make an accurate judgment of what really is going on in our individual ‘realities.’

See, I know there are things that are unknown to me. And I know they affect me. There are people that I can not see that have more of an influence on me than those I can.

Apart from people, there have to be other forces that work together, whether against or for various happenings. Sometimes their effects are good, other times bad.

But can I have any part in controlling something I can not see? Well, for a while I positively believed yes, I can.

I knew that my brain is capable of being a powerful tool that sends out great vibrations through my thoughts to all that is unknown to work in my support. And it actually really helps.

Then for a while, I stupidly let nervous tension take a toll on my healthy thinking and I went off track. I threw all that was so blatantly and obviously true out of the window, and started to doubt. Because all of a sudden I started to think maybe there was no real ‘covert’ way of communicating with the unknown. I could not be sure of what was going on with the unknown and I doubted if any of my thoughts could make a difference to something that can not be seen. Further, I doubted if there was even an unknown. Such thoughts do dominate when it feels like the current reality as it can be seen, has nothing else to offer, but negativity- and it is basically in your face with no positive to offer but anxiousness.

After a great amount of negativity and anxiety that lead to no good, I deeply reflected the activities of my head and their effects on my health inside and outside, I learned that I was actually doing myself harm. My mental and spiritual health suffered because I stubbornly shut myself off from what I had consistently experienced as good for me.

I told myself to get back on track and that I was quite stupid for taking a chance that would cost me a while’s worth of peace. After all, what was wrong with trying to train myself in making positive thought a powerful tool that would not only help me calm my nerves, but also garner support of the unknown forces at work in my life.

After I learned my lesson, of ever trying to give up manufacturing peace and quite via positive energy, I felt unintelligent, in ever allowing the painful lapse of positive energy to have any part in my stupid life. And even though I want to spend time regretting why I ever did away with tools that I know are only helpful and work in favor of my wellbeing, I remind myself, that any negative thoughts, even if they are in regret of missing out on the effects of positivity,  are unacceptable. Because they too are in the end capable of harm, and thus have no power to cause me anything but nervousness and do away with chances of directing the unknown in working in my advantage.

Anyhow, the final point I have to make is that I have been thinking and reading, and thinking some more. And now I am ready to write some about it. A book I was reading said it was not useful to have to come to peace after consciously redirecting thought towards peace. I don’t quite agree.

Peace is peace, no matter how it comes to be yours. Having said that, I’d add that quiet peace, can come only from a good dose of mental relaxation, and knowledge that all the forces both seen and unseen will somehow come together and work for the greater good of your existence. Now, you may be the type of person who is born with such a great outlook on life. Or you may not be. You may have had to be tutored by an intelligent teacher, a friend, a parent, or even yourself. But it still is a form of meditation. A thinking that you practice, to the point that it becomes your very reality. Peace. It is the most important thing in your life. Think about it. We all work for the same goal in the end. But employing methods of aggression can really kill the whole idea and defeats the central purpose. Since you know, peace can only beget peace. And aggression can only bring home aggression.

Sehr Malik


One response to “Peace Please

  1. thanks for the insight..relishing every word of it again and again…

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