Say hi to the dogs

Since it was so much cooler yesterday, September 5th 2011, I was especially excited to go out for a long walk. I enjoyed it a lot. I could tell my brain was especially loving it, judging by the kind of ideas I was getting.

I was quite aware of each thought and feeling I was experiencing each step I’d take. It was one of those days. I was feeling a little low before I’d started, but then quickly, as I walked more in the gorgeous weather, my entire state of mind changed. It was really fun! I was quite literally smiling to myself half the way.

Thinking intensely, I avoided saying hi to passerby’s. I wanted to enjoy the weather by myself. With myself. Talking to anyone would be an impediment to the mission.  So I altogether did not make eye contact with anyone. I’d strut staring at the trees and catching glances at wild rabbits. The one thing I did do, strangely, was making eye contact with the dogs whose owners I was not saying hi to. As I was doing this, I realized it was quite ridiculous, and I started to come up with an explanatory reason.

The reason: Dogs don’t require me to speak to them. They are interested in me, just as I am in them, as a passerby. Yes, they want to explore, and the desire to do so is very genuine and honest for a dog. So I awarded them with eye contact, acknowledging their need for a connection. They don’t need words. I realized they act to satisfy no cultural custom. They sniff and wag in pure excitement that comes to them from within. I did notice that just making eye contact with the creatures elicited both tail wagging and excited trembling of their bodies. Pretty awesome?

Compare that, in contrast, with me saying hi to another walker just for the sake of it. It would either bring forth a plain hello, or a cursory smile. The dogs, on the other hand, genuinely smile with their entire being. I decided I liked this far better.

So, from now on I’ll say hi to the dogs instead. Since it is much more fun to connect with the dogs that accompany walkers who are mostly on their cell phones complaining about this and that anyway.



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