Image by TZA via Flickr

My brain is dry and blank. It needs to rain inside my brain now. I’d love a mini thunderstorm and lots of wind followed by crazy, crazy rain. Poor little seeds buried deep inside my brain can’t begin to grow, they need to be fed urgently.

Even the weeds aren’t too happy with the dryness. I don’t mind them though. They fill up the brain when it’s too dry for other plants to grow. They make the space look occupied. I will do with the weeds for now gladly. Why not accept what I  have? It gives the brain something to work with until I become healthier and able to produce more of what is buried deep inside as seeds.

Blank and dry isn’t too bad. As long as I can keep myself occupied with weeds. Sometimes weeds are all you need to kick-start your creative juices. Weeds, that do not fail to grow and are present in the toughest of vegetative environments help the area by just being there. The brain will just cleanse itself of weeds when it is ready, and over time give rise to a terrific storm with splendid rain and make way for fresh green. But we do not entirely need to pull out the weeds after, because they lead to brainstorming. And each time we are in a rut, they help. Lovingly.

Sehr Malik


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