Insects have feelers. Not all of them, but the ones we frequently encounter have them. They look like a set of hair like appendages that extend long out of the insect’s head and assist it to feel about for food and stimuli. That is how they feel. Butterflies have them too. They are called antennas or feelers and actually help butterflies in figuring out what flowers they need to be getting nectar from, what the nectar is like, and how much of it is there.

It is quite amazing.

I wonder why we humans don’t have just a set of feelers, or something similar that would assist us in going about our important business, like eating and feeling for danger. The nervous system serves the purpose of us feeling stimulus, both outside and inside of the body, and they are eventually responsible for the feeling of emotions.

But where are emotions actually felt? In the heart? The brain? Or maybe the spirit? Everywhere? Emotions are important, I understand. But often too much of the negative ones cause harm to the mind and body, instead of helping it. It is important to learn how to distinguish between healthy necessary emotions, and unhealthy ones, so that the mind and body can be protected.

Emotions are vital to humans because we are far more complex than other species. We use our emotions to guide ourselves through life, and make decisions based on them. It’s all good, but a line must still be drawn, and we must try to guide our emotions so that they stay somewhat positive. Nothing negative can happen if one keeps emotions positive. Although we can not entirely control emotions, we can figure out a way to cleanse ourselves of excess negativity. The key is to reinforce positive thoughts and steer clear of negative ones. It takes practice, but once it is done consciously on a regular basis, it leads to positive emotions. The mind and body benefit from positive emotions.

I know it can at first seem as if we have no control over our feelings. Since they are everywhere inside us, or the effects can be felt everywhere. This does not have to be a bad thing. The only time this is a bad thing is when the emotions generated are negative, and they lead to disease in the mind and body. The opposite, on the other hand, can cause much good to the mind and body. People have been known to rid themselves of mental and physical disease by cultivating positive emotions and feeling good overall. The body actually becomes stronger, and literally fights off and resists disease.



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