Why I’ll say ‘no’ if I’m offered a lifetime of invisibility

Invisibility is probably not as easy as you’d think. It could be fun to a certain extent, yes. But would it really be fun to live as an invisible person for long? I was reading a fictional book about an invisible man, and before I was through parts of the book describing the difficulties of being an invisible person, I’d made up my mind about what a bad deal invisibility really is.

My reasons were simple, things that the invisible guy in the book had not thought of before he converted himself. But really, why would invisibility be awesome? You would have to steal each time you’d need something. Snatching things that do not belong to you, without people’s knowledge or permission. Basic things like wanting to sleep or have a meal. I don’t think I’d live at home anymore, since to the world I no longer exist (in the visible world). That means I am out in the streets until I find myself a deserted home or lodging that I could sneak in to, that would also happen to have all the luxuries I was used to before I became invisible? Would that be possible? Perhaps not entirely. It would need to be in a deserted place of course, because I’d freak people out and invite questions and investigations about strange happenings in the house I’d pick to live in, with no visible reason to explain the activities. If I chose living in a regular home, in a regular neighborhood, life would be difficult if not impossible for an invisible me.

Now how would I eat? Where would I get my stuff? I’d steal? Some would say that’s the whole point of invisibility, that you wont have to be accountable of your actions anymore. But I disagree. You are always accountable for your actions. And the motivation of becoming invisible to be able to enjoy things without having to pay for them is not pure. Things are never as simple for an invisible person, as they may seem to a normal (visible) human being. Grabbing things that do not belong to me to eat would be problematic and dangerous, since my invisibility will only make me invisible, not the food. I’d still have to be very secretive and cautious. I would need to time my theft so that the food is not seen flying away. That does not sound like fun at all, and for someone who has no experience stealing normally, it can be very scary and nerve-racking, despite being invisible. I would feel bad for tricking people and taking away things that are not mine.

Invisible life would mean that I would have to be guilty of many crimes. It would be hard on my conscience. I would be creating much negative energy around me by doing wrong. Bad karma would be created, and I’d learn very quickly that bad things will still happen to me when I am in the wrong. The laws of the universe would still apply to me, regardless of my invisibility.

Being careful not to wrong people, I’d still be living a challenging life. I would learn not to take people for granted. It is so much easier to navigate yourself through this life when you can be seen and people are not afraid of hearing you speak, because they can actually see you when you speak.

I could do some fun things, like get on planes (again I’d be stealing a flight) but for whatever reason that doesn’t hurt my conscience as bad as it would if I were stealing people’s money or food.

Yes, I could fly to other countries and see the world. But then again, how would I survive my travels without stealing food and breaking in to rooms with comfortable beds to sleep in, and bathrooms with running water? I’d still be human with human needs. I just wont be seen, and I’d try not to be heard too, in fear of scaring people.

So far this doesn’t sound appealing enough to me to want to be invisible for long. Maybe a few hours a day? It would take care of my need of not being disturbed when I just want to be. But anymore than a few hours would mean unwanted trouble, for everyone, especially me. Although I like to be left alone, and invisibility would certainly bring that to me, at least I don’t currently have to be careful of not being heard, or worried that the effects of my living will be seen.

But if I had to be invisible for an entire lifetime, I know it would be no less than a curse. I would miss connecting with the people of this world, and I’d hate not being able to be honest. Because invisibility would mean I would need to get by without being honest.

Also, I’d have to be naked. ALL the time. I don’t think I could get used to that.



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