Note to Self

Be brave and explore where your life naturally takes you. No matter what, always follow your heart.

Do only that what you know is right. Situations do not make wrong things right. If there is ever a feeling of doubt about what you are doing, pay attention to the feeling and think twice before acting. Remember you are always accountable, one way or the other, for actions and thoughts that you know are unworthy.

Be kind to yourself by allowing learning to occur from legitimate mistakes. But once a lesson has been learned, try to start anew, making sure the mistake is not repeated.

When you are in an undesirable situation, use the position as a chance to think about how you may have prevented your present condition. Focus only on your responsibility and actions that brought about the reality without assigning blame to anyone or anything else. Try to learn from the situation.

An honest inventory of the situation and your responsibility keeps you growing. You will begin to see rapid positive transformations and will feel more in control as you create positive energy in your life.

But what if you don’t understand your responsibility in relation to a constricting situation? Sometimes when faced with a difficult and confusing scenario, you may not be able (or willing) to see how you contributed to the state. When that happens, don’t stress yourself. With time you will know more and will effectively begin to focus on liberating thoughts and actions that lead to more desirable circumstances.



2 responses to “Note to Self

  1. Also, never regret. Nice post, you write so well Sehr!=)

  2. Its a well written piece Sehr. And it’s so wonderful to learn that at least someone is learning to learn from the past and mistakes. Something even the nations forget and then vanish. They are not forgiven. I would however add one more thing that while learning one must keep the focus! Focus on immediate versus longterm objectives!! Weigh them constantly and rearrange these objectives, as you go along till you achieve them!!! Isn’t everything for achieving some objective?

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