Beautiful friend

I picked her up on one of my walks last November. It was a chilly afternoon, and I was taking advantage of the sunshine, thinking deeply about the people and things I love. The sunshine made the wintry stillness gorgeous, like a painting. Of course, I instantly started to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. But I felt that the pictures were not quite as stunning as the real view.

At any rate, as I was walking down the route, and although I felt very peaceful, doing one of the things I most love to do: walking alone, I could not help feeling a little empty. It was likely a feeling of wanting to connect to the beauty around me in a deeper way, but I found myself unable to do so. I just kept on admiring it, knowing that as the day was going to get darker, the scenery would start to vanish, at least the way I knew it that day. It made me sad and lonely.

Then I started to feel a surprisingly comforting, soft breeze blowing at me. It was just what I needed at the moment. I felt happy and a little chilly, (but I enjoyed it). I was smiling; one of the songs that I enjoy listening to on walks started to play. I realized I was not alone. The breeze brought me a new friend. She was beautiful, an orange winter leaf off a tree.

Dancing along the side walk, quite literally taking large steps with me, she bounced bravely, hitting herself on the pavement every few feet. At first I distrusted her, thinking she was only going to share a few steps with me, and would part with me before arriving at the end of the next turn. But no, she turned with me and continued dancing with me, hitting herself all the way. I began taking her seriously; this was not a fair weathered friend. She wanted to walk with me. Afraid to lose her to the breeze and its changing direction, I picked her up. She is mine now, I thought, I will take her home with me.

I put her in to my pocket, trying not to crush my new friend. As soon as I got home, still afraid she would leave me soon, I wanted to capture her beauty. So I took a few photos of her. Then I put her in a straw basket in my room, to be with me for as long as we could possibly be together. I wanted her to live with me, breathe with me. I’m glad to say that she is still with me, it has been nine months, and she lives. She is just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than when I first met her. She is stronger, and I know we have grown together.



3 responses to “Beautiful friend

  1. This piece of wriitng is simply adorable.i cant stop aw’ing after reading it ! Its lovely how u noticed the fact that “she” was trying to walk with you…and more amazingly you assigned it a gender too.. kind of strange but interesting.

  2. sorry for the grammar there….was writing it half asleep.

  3. Your kind words are encouraging.

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