What makes a woman ordinary?

A woman is ordinary only because that is what she aspires to be. By which I mean that she chooses to occupy her time doing things that effectively enslave her to an ordinary existence. Her thoughts romanticize ideals that only work to bring her down. She contributes to her own mental and spiritual disharmony by believing and employing lies in her life that so many around her accept and encourage as the truth.

It is catastrophic, as she learns to waste away her energy, fixating on illusions, such as the concept of beauty in a bottle. Let me explain: beauty is not common. It certainly is not available in expensive bottles, to consume and transform her in to a delight she has always dreamt to be. Anyone who claims to solicit such bottled beauty is aiming to profit from her ordinary, self-conscious thoughts.

She is ordinary because she does not realize that beauty can only come from within her. A woman will never be more than ordinary if she does not recognize who she truly is. Everything she wants is at hand, yet she looks for it outside of her. What a pity!

Beauty is not just a state of her mind; it is the state of her spirit, and shows through without fail. Beauty impresses and makes pleasant the life of her who effectively earns it. Yes, she earns it. How? By beautifying and listening to her spirit, cultivating and encouraging values of truth, honesty, and modesty in her life. Believing in that which is good and pure and defending her from all that is negative and impure. She will follow her heart and slowly beauty will be prevalent in her life. Goodness will bring beauty, purity will bring harmony and positive energy will forever keep her from falling prey to claims of creating charisma via use of bottled beauty.

Once a woman knows the truth about who she is, and how she can become what she wants to be, she will begin to use her time thinking greater, less superficial thoughts. She will not lose anymore time being ordinary. She will no longer allow herself to be enslaved by lies and deceit, and will attract symmetry to her life. Her great and enlightened thoughts will show her the route to an extraordinary existence.



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