Write about love

I have tried writing about love. But since it is such a complex topic to address, I often end up avoiding it altogether. Today I thought of attempting to write about love, telling the truth as I know it. Of course each person perceives reality differently. Therefore, perceptions relating to love lead to different feelings and conclusions of what in the end is true. Anyhow, according to me, the following applies to all kinds of love; romantic, sexual, maternal, platonic etc. Certain truths I have learned in my short life tell me that:

Love is like gravity. Although, you can’t see gravity itself, you can feel it and you know it is there. You experience its results and effects on you and your life unfailingly. You just ‘know’ when it is around.

Love, in all its forms is a great teacher. But especially;

Unexpected love
Sometimes love comes from the most unexpected of places. Unexpected love educates you and offers you a fresh insight to life. The individuals in question learn new things about themselves and begin viewing the world around them differently. It does not matter where it comes from, who it comes from, or how small it is in one’s life. It will add depth to the concerned persons, instantly broadening their take on reality.

Difficult love
Difficult love is the most phenomenal spiritual teacher. It touches your core, and quite literally moulds it in to something new. It comes for this very reason: to teach the soul that what it lacks in. The kind of love you learn from the most, with all its challenges and opportunities is more than likely coming at you from your soul mate.

Most of you relate the idea of having a soul mate to a walk through a flowery park with butterflies and rainbows and pink clouds. Although a soul mate can bring all these feelings to you spiritually, that is not the sole purpose of a soul mate’s existence. A soul mate is not just present in this world for you to make life breezy. It is in fact to instruct you, coach you, and provide you with valuable lessons and truths that help you nourish your spirit and allow you to view things differently. In the end, your soul mate alone will have taught you more about life than what you were to learn on your own, from all other life experiences combined.

It is different from unexpected love in terms of consistency and the value of learning that comes from the love. Also, the learning process usually persists and can be taken much further from what the original scope of the relation starts out to be. Unexpected love, on the other hand, is a sharp, quick teacher. Fulfilling its role in ones life fast, it leaves a smaller (though permanent) imprint on your soul. Still adding value to your life in terms of learning.

Ultimately, it is all about learning. We are spirits inhabiting bodies, here to learn and improve. Learning is good; but learning through love is even better.



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