I’m a blob of water

Since I’m a blob of water, I know I will evaporate in this heat soon. I’ll fly up high in to the sky and stick myself on to a grey cloud. It will be fun to be a part of something bigger than myself again. I’ll float around and watch over the earth below me. But I won’t get too comfortable there because I know when it gets crowded up there we all begin to fall right down. Again, I’ll be a blob but much faster I will travel this time.

It is a lot more fun coming down, you know, than it is flying up. I get to see all the colors merge in to each other fast, people running out of my way. I play with the grass and dance on the leaves. Until I’m tired and all settled in to the ground. It’s never ending; I keep changing form and flying about. I prance around and see many things. It is a fun life, being a blob; I get to see interesting things. I’ve seen places you’ll never see, like what you look like inside of you. Ha ha I bet you didn’t think I’d know so much about you, now did you?

It’s fun being a blob, really. You think I have it hard, constantly needing to move about, but you’ll soon realize you’re like me. You move, change and transform. Taking the shape of things you’re put in to: fluid, changeable and mercurial. You really are all blobs of water, evaporating, flying, playing and ever-changing.



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