Why read?

I love it when I catch myself nodding silently to a book in hand. The feeling of recognition and self reflection I find within books is quite priceless. There is someone out there, who can put in to words so beautifully, a feeling that you previously thought was impossible to put in to words.

You can travel to far off destinations one will never find on a map. Come back anytime you like, or choose to stay there sans the hassle of real life travel. Carry a piece of the destination with you wherever you go, if you’d like to.

You learn about life, as observed by others. No matter what one claims to write, whether fiction or non fiction, there is always a definite autobiographical angle to the words they choose to put in to writing.

You experience the beauty of the many different ways language can be used and the resultant inspirational quality of the usage is moving.

Reading promotes the desire to tell what you know to be true, through words.



One response to “Why read?

  1. Well said, Sehr! I love it when authors capture those feelings that you never thought you could explain. And I love learning about life!

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