Flying broomstick

If I can get a broomstick, a flying broomstick, I would keep it safe in my room with me.
Every night I would take it out, stand on my balcony, jump on it, and fly away. I would be able to see the city like a bird. All the lights and the buildings, the cars and the people, everything would look different and beautiful.

The broomstick would take me anywhere I’d like. There would be no boundaries to where I could go on it. I could fly as long and as far as I wanted. I could get things done faster, and would beat all land traffic. I’d probably have to be careful about bumping in to planes, but I think there are fewer planes in the sky than there are cars in the street.

It is probably going to be a long search, for me to find a broomstick that I could get to fly. But there are other ways I can fly in the meantime! I can imagine myself flying, and I can have great adventures in the sky. I can see all the people as they would appear from up high.

All I have to do is close my eyes and dream myself up in the air, soaring through the sky.



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