Power is attainable

Although power can be a scary, intimidating word, it should not be. We think of power as a vice, as something we want to have, but struggle to, that power is unattainable to the masses. I believe that is not true. We have power, to bring peace in to and make things happen in life.

How? Well power begins in your mind. The key is to positively affirm a belief and guide yourself to begin seeing the object of your desire, or the change you want to see in your life. It does work. It is important to practice and extremely crucial that the focus remain on the positive.

Start small and try the exercise with little things. Lets say you want to eat something for dinner. For example, you want to eat a steak. You don’t know where or how you will eat it, but you picture a delicious steak and mentally make a note of your desire. You are subconsciously planning to make the desire of eating such a steak a reality. Maybe you are at work, and you want to eat it when you get off. If you believe you will eat steak, and that your want will be fulfilled somehow, then it will be. A steak will be present for your eating!

Now moving on to bigger desires. Reaffirming and positively thinking about a lofty goal, will open up ways for the want to materialize in to reality. It just takes much persistence in thought, and an emphasis on positively expecting the dream to somehow come true. I am working on a few goals that fall in the lofty goal category and my work includes positively imagining the change I want and the object of my desire to be present as I would like it to be. This may be done daily, multiple times a day. Not to be done as a chore, rather it should be seen more like daydreaming, since daydreaming is usually more positive and fanciful.  Only those desires materialize that are sought after by the mind persistently and with an open mind.

There must be no doubt in the dreamer’s mind that the desire will one day become reality.

Take advantage of the greatness of  you mind.



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