The drop

Large and viscous, it makes its way down a vine. Nourishing every stem, flower and leaf- it gets bigger and more potent as it descends through the vine’s twining foliage. Then it starts to grow and becomes powerful and purer than it was when it started at the top of the vine.

The drop is a tear from the eye of one who yearns for love. Sitting in her window, she desires all things pure, her heart overcome with love for the world and its beauty. She wants to hold it all at once in her heart, and keep it there forever, but she knows she cant- not always. She needs to let it go, and let it be free. She knows love can not be captured, it must be allowed to fly. So she releases a part of it, letting it crease out of her eye and in to the vine, where it starts its journey as a drop of love.



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