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Why look forward to the weekend?

Looking forward to the weekend is everyone’s favorite thing to do. As soon as the week starts, you begin waiting for it to end. And when it ends, you dread the next week starting. Frustration for not having enough time to yourself makes you feel a sense of urgency towards weekends. But what is it about a weekend that can bring you joy that other days can not? It is all in your head, I say. What really matters is how you think about your days that are not included in a weekend.

Try thinking about what it is that you would like to do on a perfect weekend. Is it just doing nothing, for which you keep looking forward to the weekend? Feeling complete freedom? The anxiousness you feel for weekdays has little to do with what happens on a weekend. Most of you have things to do on the weekends that more or less are things that you have to do, not necessarily things you want to do. For example; laundry, grocery shopping, much-needed trips to the mall to pick out things that are absolutely needed for work or the house. All of these do not occur to me as activities that indicate freedom. These are chores. How then, does only a weekend symbolize freedom?

Maybe it has to do with how you think about your daily life. Imagine a day of the week, any day that you would be most happy and content on. Would it be a day that you would feel your best? It would. Well, in that case, weekends need not be the escape that you seek in your daily life. You can, with much mental practice and patience, employ thoughts on a daily basis that would make everyday of the week pleasant. Regardless of what day of the week that may happen to be, if it can be turned in to a pleasant, feel good day via thoughts, it would fashion the exact feeling you were shooting for on the weekend.

It is all in the head. Weekend or no weekend, it is essentially the same. Think of people who don’t get weekends off. Like me, I can make any day I want to be great, by thinking the right thoughts. Create feelings of happiness; choose to do things that make you cheerful, everyday. No matter how small those things may appear to be, they will lead to feelings of joy and contentment. That way whether or not you get a chance to laze around on the weekends, you will be able to enjoy everyday as if it were a day to relax, celebrate, and look forwards to.



I’m a blob of water

Since I’m a blob of water, I know I will evaporate in this heat soon. I’ll fly up high in to the sky and stick myself on to a grey cloud. It will be fun to be a part of something bigger than myself again. I’ll float around and watch over the earth below me. But I won’t get too comfortable there because I know when it gets crowded up there we all begin to fall right down. Again, I’ll be a blob but much faster I will travel this time.

It is a lot more fun coming down, you know, than it is flying up. I get to see all the colors merge in to each other fast, people running out of my way. I play with the grass and dance on the leaves. Until I’m tired and all settled in to the ground. It’s never ending; I keep changing form and flying about. I prance around and see many things. It is a fun life, being a blob; I get to see interesting things. I’ve seen places you’ll never see, like what you look like inside of you. Ha ha I bet you didn’t think I’d know so much about you, now did you?

It’s fun being a blob, really. You think I have it hard, constantly needing to move about, but you’ll soon realize you’re like me. You move, change and transform. Taking the shape of things you’re put in to: fluid, changeable and mercurial. You really are all blobs of water, evaporating, flying, playing and ever-changing.


Why read?

I love it when I catch myself nodding silently to a book in hand. The feeling of recognition and self reflection I find within books is quite priceless. There is someone out there, who can put in to words so beautifully, a feeling that you previously thought was impossible to put in to words.

You can travel to far off destinations one will never find on a map. Come back anytime you like, or choose to stay there sans the hassle of real life travel. Carry a piece of the destination with you wherever you go, if you’d like to.

You learn about life, as observed by others. No matter what one claims to write, whether fiction or non fiction, there is always a definite autobiographical angle to the words they choose to put in to writing.

You experience the beauty of the many different ways language can be used and the resultant inspirational quality of the usage is moving.

Reading promotes the desire to tell what you know to be true, through words.


Eat chocolate pudding with the same fork…

Eat chocolate pudding with the same fork you just used to eat potato salad.
Burp loudly while you’re still alone in the house.

Smile broadly when you think of something funny, especially when there are people around, that’s always nice, since it will make them smile too.

Draw a picture of something you really want to do, but don’t know how. Make it as detailed and as colorful as you can. Do this every time you think of it. One day you will do it, exactly like you drew it. Listen to pleasant classical music when you draw, it makes the colors real and the picture true to form.

Allow yourself to love something others can’t understand. It is important to be honest to yourself; you are who you are because of the things that you like, love, learn, and want to be. Learn why you love the things you do, without worry of why others do not.

Get to know yourself. You are special and always will be.


Flying broomstick

If I can get a broomstick, a flying broomstick, I would keep it safe in my room with me.
Every night I would take it out, stand on my balcony, jump on it, and fly away. I would be able to see the city like a bird. All the lights and the buildings, the cars and the people, everything would look different and beautiful.

The broomstick would take me anywhere I’d like. There would be no boundaries to where I could go on it. I could fly as long and as far as I wanted. I could get things done faster, and would beat all land traffic. I’d probably have to be careful about bumping in to planes, but I think there are fewer planes in the sky than there are cars in the street.

It is probably going to be a long search, for me to find a broomstick that I could get to fly. But there are other ways I can fly in the meantime! I can imagine myself flying, and I can have great adventures in the sky. I can see all the people as they would appear from up high.

All I have to do is close my eyes and dream myself up in the air, soaring through the sky.


Make the most of it

The best we can do in life is to make the most out of every situation.
No matter what the scenario. It could be a tough job, a hard time with family, or a challenging relationship. Each condition comes in one’s life for reasons beyond most people’s common, immediate understanding. Nothing we encounter in life is by accident. All events are called in to life due to our own energy. In short, we are the reason why we are in any given state. We attract what we are.


Formal Education = Learning?

The concept of modern formal education is narrow and restricting. Projects and activities are usually picked by students with credit in mind, rather than actual learning. Not that learning never takes place in a formal setting, it does, by default, happen. However it is not the only way, and certainly not the best way for one to learn and gain true knowledge.

Knowledge comes from passionate seeking, and there is evidence that formal educational standards are low, and based on making enough credit to be able to pass a class via provided test reviews. This ensures that learning is limited to only those items that are to be anticipated on a graded test.

Most often than not, the knowledge ‘gained’ through a formal class for credit purposes is lost almost instantly or dries away from memory when not used. The point is that true learning comes from experience and the best lessons are self taught and may come from books and resources studied and committed to memory outside of a formal class setting, since it is self guided and fueled by a thirst for knowledge and not shoved in to a disinterested student’s unwilling memo.

Informal learning is that which sticks around for a lifetime, the truths thus learned are also more than likely to have been tested in the learner’s personal life.

To say that formal education is entirely useless and unnecessary would be a bold and untrue statement. It does depend a lot on the learner’s motivations. But the point that I aim to make is that I do believe that alternate means of education are not to be looked down upon. There are informal ways for one to learn art, philosophy, language, psychology and politics without having to enroll in formal courses.

Anatomy, physiology, mechanics, thermodynamics and specialized courses leading to complex problem solving related disciplines, and studies needing detailed knowledge starting from the cellular level to larger organs require much more study than one can do in a self guided, informal setting. Those would be best learned in a formal setting. Also, given the fact that such complex and time consuming courses require much passion and dedication in the first place, students who enroll usually want to learn everything there is to learn, to better themselves in the discipline and subsequent future pursuits that go along with the knowledge gained.

In conclusion, a formal education most likely ensures learning for students of highly diversified and specialized disciplines.